Connect through KINdred spirits.

From urban asana movement to mountain top meditation, KIN Yoga is a practice that brings strength, control and calm across all dynamics.

Kelly teaches private, corporate and bespoke energy packages through hatha, vinyassa flow and Yin.


Having studied and working in the London Marketing scene for over 10 years, Kelly knows the increasing pressures of work hard vs play hard.

Let’s face it, every day life is becoming more complex than we need to be, we are all guilty of spending too much time working harder and faster, and feeling like our minds are on a constant buzzfeed. We work and live in a culture where we feel like we have to fill our time with ‘stuff’, and before we know it, we are going to the gym every morning, working late and feeling guilty about not seeing our friends.

There is one thing missing in all of this. YOU.

One thing that Kelly teaches is the process of simply connecting back to yourself to balance your life, it really is that simple.




Yoga can be the antidote for a lot of life’s problems and niggles, and the key to unlocking that lifelong emotional blocker or lifting a physical symptom.


Private solo or group meditation and yoga classes with Kelly are uniquely designed to meet your lifestyle, physical and physiological goals. Kelly’s unique style focuses on destress, strength and flexibility.

Kelly's typical private clients include dancers, performers, post natal and yogi's wanting to develop their skills

Prices from £70




The best thing about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere at any time. Kelly's bespoke energy classes are tailored for anything, from:

Home retreats (including lunch)

Mind bootcamps

Rooftop sun salutation practice

Detox days (hangover reset)

'Zen Your Hen' Parties

You have the chance to choose your energy focus with no inhibitions.

Prices: As flexible as you want to be!



No deadlines. Just downdogs.

Corporate yoga is an investment of power and energy to stimulate businesses through people. A clear mind is a foundation for a dynamic day. A focused mind is a foundation for a strong healthy career.

From one off bespoke de-stress workshops, to regular drop in morning mindfulness for employees, Kelly offers corporate yoga across London.

Monday morning office wake up and Friday wind downs are the most popular! 

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