The KIN Nutrition collection ticks all the boxes. Each product is made with top quality ingredients and tastes fantastic. I tend to keep a scoop of WHEY-less in my handbag at all times, just in case I get a little peckish when I’m running around all day. It is by far the best whey protein I’ve tasted, and I’ve been through a fair few.

Deliciously tasty and perfect pick me up post workout!

Why do I love Kin Nutrition products? That's the easiest question ever. I've found it very difficult to find a product that tastes delicious but doesn't make me bloat or feel sluggish. There's nothing worse than having a post workout shake and feeling heavy afterwards! With Kin I know that all the ingredients are natural, they taste WONDERFUL (especially the Mint Chocolate which I'm addicted to) and I look forward to it knowing that it isn't going to affect my body in a negative way. Also the BCAA's taste like fruit squash! 
I also love the concept of Kin. It's a family run business and I really do feel like part of the family. I don't know if it's from the amazing retreat in Ibiza that I went to with them, or the fact that Kyle and Kelly are always so supportive and encouraging. 
All I know is, I'm a customer at kin for life!

I'm a 23 year old London-born wellness-focused Lifestyle Blogger who loves working up a sweat and refuelling with KIN nutrition.

I love KIN's products because they are so natural. Their products contain minimal ingredients, and do not have added fillers or thickeners ..something which people often forget is not healthy for our bodies! The fact that their whey protein also has an added probiotic is great, because it contributes to gut health. And I can't forget to add that all of their products taste absolutely delicious!

Taking KIN nutrition whey protein straight after workouts helps my muscles recover quicker to avoid unnecessary fatigue. The protein supplement is the cleanest  I've ever had which digests quickly, no bloating! BCAAs taken during my heavy strength training workouts mean my muscles recover quickly and I am able to lift heavier which improves the quality of my training, therefore achieving desired results!


I associate myself with the Kin brand as it’s a brand I trust in and believe in due to sharing the same values in regards to health, wellness and training. Having known Kyle and Kelly for years, I know how passionate they are about all of the things that Kin associate themselves with. So when dealing with Kin, you know you’re dealing with those that truly care about delivering the best! 
You wouldn’t put cheap fuel in a Ferrari, so why would you fuel your body with anything other than the best, cleanest supplements? I know I value my Ferrari, that’s why I fuel it with the supplement range.

I love the retreat as it allows you to connect with like minded people whilst engaging in a wide range of incredibly fun activities in the beautiful Ibizan sunshine. What is not to like? 
The training is powerful, accommodation is amazing, training environment and views are spectacular, the food is incredible and the weather definitely beats the every day London haze!

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